SFDC Sync: Campaign Sync sfdc-sync-campaign-sync

Marketo Engage programs can be synced with Salesforce Campaigns. Here’s an overview of how this works.

Why should I sync Marketo programs with Salesforce campaigns? why-should-i-sync-marketo-programs-with-salesforce-campaigns

  • Use the powerful features of a Marketo Program.
  • Keep members and their status in sync between a Marketo program and a Salesforce Campaign.
  • Tap into the reporting features in Marketo and Salesforce.

How is a Marketo Program and a Salesforce campaign synced? how-is-a-marketo-program-and-a-salesforce-campaign-synced

In Marketo, you have the option to create a one-to-one mapping between a program and a Salesforce campaign.

The channel and period cost in Marketo sync to Salesforce as the campaign type and actual cost. This sync is one way, from Marketo to Salesforce.

Marketo program members and their progression statuses are kept in sync with the Salesforce campaign members and campaign member statues. This is a bidirectional sync, so any changes made in either Marketo or Salesforce are reflected in both systems.

If there are members in the Marketo program that don’t exist in Salesforce, Marketo creates those people as leads in Salesforce.


  • Added to SFDC Campaign
  • Removed from SFDC Campaign
  • Status is Changed in SFDC Campaign


  • Member of SFDC Campaign

Can I add Marketo People to my SFDC campaign? can-i-add-marketo-people-to-my-sfdc-campaign

Yes, use the Add to SFDC campaign flow action. If this person doesn’t exist in Salesforce, Marketo will create it in Salesforce and then add him/her to the campaign.

Can I remove members from my SFDC campaign using Marketo? can-i-remove-members-from-my-sfdc-campaign-using-marketo

Yes, use the Remove from SFDC Campaign flow action.

Can I change campaign member status using Marketo? can-i-change-campaign-member-status-using-marketo

Yes, use the Change Status in SFDC Campaign flow action.

Why can’t I see any of my Salesforce campaigns? why-cant-i-see-any-of-my-salesforce-campaigns

Here are things you can check:

  1. Make sure the campaign sync is enabled.
  2. Confirm that your Marketo Sync User is a Marketing User in Salesforce.
If your Salesforce campaign and the mapped Marketo program have incompatible program statuses, you may receive an error message. We recommend that you match the program statuses prior to the sync.