Setting up MSI Views setting-up-msi-views

Installing the Sales Insight plugin in Dynamics automatically adds the Best Bets and related dashboards on the Site Map. If for some reason the dashboards are not added, here’s how to add them manually.

  1. In Dynamics, click the gear icon and select Advanced Settings from the drop-down.

  2. In the upper-left of the screen, click Settings. Under Customization choose Customizations.

  3. Click Customize the System.

  4. In the tree on the left, click Client Extensions and double-click Site Map.

  5. Click the right arrow to go to the next page. Under Sales, you should see Marketo. If you don’t, make sure you imported the package properly.

    note note
    Under Marketo you should have: Best Bets, My Email, Web Activity, and Anonymous Web Activity. If any of those dashboards are missing, click the + sign above Sales and add them as a Subarea.
  6. Click on a dashboard to select it. In the column on the right, enter the respective information below for each one. You can ignore any categories not listed.

    Best Bets

    URL: MainviewBestbets.html

    Icon: /WebResources/mkt_/_MainView/_imgs/icons/bestbets.svg

    ID: marketo_bestbets

    Title: Best Bets

    My Email

    URL: mkt_/MainViewMyEmail.html

    Icon: /WebResources/mkt_/_MainView/_imgs/icons/email.svg

    ID: marketo_myemail

    Title: My Email

    Web Activity

    URL: mkt_/MainViewWebActivity.html

    Icon: /WebResources/mkt_/_MainView/_imgs/icons/web_activity.svg

    ID: marketo_webactivity

    Title: Web Activity

    Anonymous Web Activity

    URL: mkt_/MainViewWebActivity.html

    Icon: /WebResources/mkt_/_MainView/_imgs/icons/anonymous_web_activity.svg

    ID: marketo_anonymous_webactivity

    Title: Anonymous Web Activity

  7. Click Save when done.