Release Notes: March 2024 release-notes-mar-24

Below you’ll find all the features included in the March '24 release. Check your Adobe Marketo Engage edition for feature availability.

Features denoted by a star ( star ) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

Standard Release Cycle Features standard-release-cycle-features

The following features fall under the standard release cycle and will start to be released on March 8, 2024, with a phased rollout of remaining features over the subsequent weeks. Release features and dates are subject to change. Please check next to each feature for its status.

Advanced Conversational Flow Logic: Add additional fields for evaluation in a single choice for Conversational Flow follow-up.
Conversational Flow Settings for Marketo Engage Forms
Reorder Conversational Flow Logic: In Marketo Engage Forms, you can now reorder the Conversational Flow choices, instead of having to delete and add back.
Conversational Flow Settings for Marketo Engage Forms
API Activity Metadata: Metadata such as User Agent, Platform, and Device are now included in web and email activities, helping to provide consistent insights into these activities via the Marketo REST API.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Announcements announcements

  • Get Program Member API Fix: A change was made recently to correct the behavior of the Get Program Members endpoint. Previously, when utilizing the updatedAt filter type to specify a date range, there was a chance that program membership records updated within that range were not included in the response. Additionally, there was a chance that program membership records updated outside of the specified date range being incorrectly included in the response. Both issues have been resolved.

  • Account Insight Browser Plug-in Deprecation: Adobe is removing the Target Account Management Account Insight browser plug-in from the Chrome Web Store on April 8, 2024. Existing users: you can continue to use the plug-in until you migrate your Marketo Engage instance to Adobe Identity and Admin Console. This change will not impact any other TAM features/data within Marketo Engage or the Chrome and Outlook email plug-ins that work with Sales Insight. Learn more.