Redirect a URL Path redirect-a-url-path

Marketo makes it easy to redirect a URL path to any page you choose. Here’s how.

Admin Permissions Required
  1. Under Admin, click Landing Pages.

  2. Click the Rules tab, then click New and New Redirect Rule.

  3. Click the first Original URL drop-down and select your Marketo CNAME.

    note note
    Remember, you can only redirect URLs that start with your Marketo CNAME.
  4. Type the URL path (or specific page) you want to redirect in the second Original URL field on the right.

  5. Click Use non-Marketo Landing Page, type the page you want to redirect visitors to in the Redirect URL field, and click Create.

    You can use Marketo landing pages as the destination too.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully redirected your URL path.