Using a Global Overlay using-a-global-overlay

The global overlay in the program schedule view lets you see your program in relation to other scheduled assets.

You must have a Marketing Calendar license to utilize this feature.

Use the Global Overlay use-the-global-overlay

  1. Select your program.

  2. Select Overlay in the bottom right corner.

  3. The solid blocks represent entries on that date. Click to see details.

    The entry details for overlay items will be read-only. Click on the parent program to make changes.

Use a Saved Filter as an Overlay use-a-saved-filter-as-an-overlay

If you’ve saved a filter in the Marketing Calendar, you can use it as an overlay in the program schedule view.

  1. Click the Overlay drop-down and select your filter definition.

    Now you’ll see an overlay defined by the filter you’ve saved and selected.

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