User Settings user-settings

Change settings like time zone or Web Personalization email reports.

User Profile / Passwords / Time Zones user-profile-passwords-time-zones

  1. Click your name and select User Settings.

  2. The User Settings page appears.

    On the User Settings page you can:

    • Change your email address
    • Add personal details (first and last name, mobile number and time zone)
    • Select the number of rows you would like to export when exporting tables in the platform. See field: “Max # of rows in Excel export (limited to 10,000)”
    • Select your Mobile Notifications for a new person or watch list related to the mobile application
    • Adjust Personal Region settings by clicking Edit Regions.
    • Change your password
    • Select your Email Report notification settings for email reports on Organizations, People, Campaign and Asset Performance

    Click Save after making any changes.

    note note
    Selecting your region will only display data and send email reports related to organizations and people from the defined region.

Select Email Reports select-email-reports

Select which email report to associate to your user, and frequency (daily, weekly or quarterly) when the report will be sent.

Clicking Save won’t exit you out of User Settings. To exit out, click the Marketo logo on the upper-left and select your destination.