Advanced Search Overview advanced-search-overview

By utilizing the advanced search to target prospects who have viewed, clicked, or replied to emails, you can create a targeted list of your most engaged prospects.

  1. In the web application, click Command Center.

  2. Click Emails.

  3. Choose your applicable tab.

  4. Click Advanced Search.

Filters filters


Choose the date range for your search. Preset dates update depending on the email status you choose (Sent, Undelivered, Pending).


Filter by email recipient/sender in the Who section.

View As
Filter by a specific sender in your Sales Connect instance (this option is available to Admins only).
By Group
Filter emails by a specific group of recipients.
By Person
Filter by a specific recipient.


Choose by date created, date delivered, date failed, or date scheduled. Available options change depending on the email status you choose (Sent, Undelivered, Pending).


Filter emails by campaign participation.


There are three email statuses to choose from. The type/activity options change based on the status selected.

Status: Sent

Filters by your sent email activity. You can choose views/no views, clicks/no clicks, and/or replies/no replies.

Status: Pending

Filters by all pending emails.

Emails that have been scheduled from the compose window (Salesforce or the Web App), email plug-ins, or a campaign.
Emails that are currently in draft state. Emails require a subject line and a recipient in order to be saved as a draft.
In Progress
Emails that are in the process of being sent. Emails should not remain in this state for more than a few seconds.

Status: Undelivered

Filters by emails that were never delivered.

When an email fails to send from Sales Connect (common reasons include: emails being sent to unsubscribed/blocked contacts, or if there was an issue populating the dynamic fields).
An email is marked as bounced when it is rejected by the recipient’s server. Only emails that were sent via Sales Connect servers will be shown here.
When the email was marked as spam (common term for unsolicited email) by the recipient. Only emails that were sent via Sales Connect servers will be shown here.

Saved Searches saved-searches

Here’s how to create a saved search.

  1. After all of your filters are in place, click Save Filters As.

  2. Give your search a name and click Save.

Your saved searches will be in the sidebar on the left.