Create an Opportunity Influence Analyzer create-an-opportunity-influence-analyzer

Use the Opportunity Influence Analyzer to show marketing’s contribution to an important deal. See your program and event successes, as well as interesting moments, in the life of an opportunity.

To get good intel from an Opportunity Influence Analyzer, ensure that your contacts are attached to the opportunities in your CRM.
  1. Click Analytics.

  2. Click Opportunity Influence Analyzer.

  3. Select the account from the Settings panel.

    note note
    If you receive a warning that there were no activities during the time frame, just click Close. We’ll come back to that after the next step.
  4. Select the opportunity in that account.

  5. Set the time period. Click the Setup tab and double-click Time Frame.

  6. Select the time period of the opportunity you wish to analyze and click Save.

    note tip
    In most cases, All Time is the simplest choice.
  7. You’re there! Click the main tab to see the interesting moments and successes involved in the opportunity.

You can also watch a video about the Opportunity Influence Analyzer in Marketo University. (It looks a little different now, but there’s still a lot to learn!)