Add People to a Named Account add-people-to-a-named-account

There are three different ways to manually add people to a named account in TAM.

Single Flow Action single-flow-action

  1. Click Database.

  2. Enter the person’s email address and press enter.

  3. Click the person to select it. Click the Person Actions drop-down, click Marketing and select Add to Named Account.

  4. Click the Named Account drop-down, select the desired Named Account, and click Run Now.

Smart Campaign Flow Step smart-campaign-flow-step

  1. Select your Smart Campaign and click Flow.

  2. In the search box enter “Add to Named Account.”

  3. Drag the filter onto the canvas.

  4. Click the Named Account drop-down and select the desired Named Account.

    That’s it! Next just schedule (or activate) your smart campaign, and the flow step will start adding qualifying people to the designated named account.

List Import list-import

  1. Select your list, click the List Actions drop-down and select Import List.

  2. After you choose your file and settings, click Next.

  3. Map your desired fields. Make sure the Named Account field is mapped.

  4. Choose your desired settings, then click Import.