.NET Add-in Overview net-add-in-overview

This is our old add-in. If you already have it installed, it will continue to work until 2020. If you are a new user, please install our new Office 365 add-in.

Attaching a Piece of Content attaching-a-piece-of-content

Add trackable content by clicking the Content button and uploading a file.

Any previously uploaded content will appear for you to select in the pop-up window without having to upload again.

Calendar Functionality calendar-functionality

Let your recipients know when you’re available by pressing the Calendar button.

This pulls in your Outlook calendar and allows you to add specific dates and times you’re free, and add the info to your email.

Pulling in a Template pulling-in-a-template

Pull in a pre-made Tout template to the Outlook message by pressing the Templates button.

We sync with all of your personal templates and any shared templates among the team. We also automatically pull in the last used template and the most frequently used template for easy access.

The Tout It Button the-tout-it-button

Once you have your personalized email filled out and ready to go, make sure you always hit the Tout It button to get tracking. A box will appear reading “hang on, we’re adding tracking magic.”