Approve a Custom Object approve-a-custom-object

You must approve a custom object before you can use it. The process is slightly different for new custom objects and ones that you’ve edited.

Approve a New Custom Object approve-a-new-custom-object

You’ve created a brand new custom object. Here’s how to approve it.

  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Marketo Custom Objects.

  3. Select an object that’s in a Draft state.

  4. Click the Custom Object Actions drop-down and select Approve Object.

  5. The state changes to Approved.

    note note
    A custom object used in a one-to-many structure must have at least one dedupe field, a link field, a linked object name, and a linked field name to be approved.
    A custom object used in a many-to-many structure doesn’t need a link field, linked object name, or a linked field name when you approve it (because they live in the intermediary object).
    A custom object used as an intermediary object requires a link field, linked object name, and linked field name but doesn’t require a dedupe field.
    See Understanding Marketo Custom Objects for more information.

That’s it! Now, you can select your custom object in the constraints of your filters and triggers to use in your campaigns.

Approve an Edited Custom Object approve-an-edited-custom-object

After you edit an approved custom object, you must approve the draft to return the custom object to an Approved state.

  1. When you edit an already approved custom object, it receives an Approved with Draft state.

  2. When you’re ready to approve the draft, click the Custom Object Actions drop-down and select Approve Object.

  3. A preview displays the items that were changed in the draft. Click Approve.