Create an Event with Level 3 Web Meeting create-an-event-with-level-web-meeting

First create your Webinar in Level 3. If you need help, check out the Level 3 Resource Library. You’ll find it to be very similar to BrightTalk. Marketo uses a small subset of Level 3 fields:

  • Name - The name of the webcast.
  • Start Date - The start date for the webcast.
  • End Date - The end date for the webcast.
  • Time Zone - The time zone set for the webcast.
  • Description - The webcast description.
  1. Select your new event. Click Event Actions, then Event Settings.

  2. Under Event Partner, select Level 3 Web Meeting.

  3. Under Login, select your Level 3 login.

  4. Under Event, choose the Level 3 event you’d like to use.

  5. Click Save.

    Most excellent! You’ve connected your event to Level 3!

Viewing the Schedule viewing-the-schedule

In the program schedule view, click the calendar entry for your event. You can see the schedule on the right side of the screen!