Send Marketo Email and Campaign and Watchlist Actions in Salesforce1 send-marketo-email-and-campaign-and-watchlist-actions-in-salesforce

  1. Go to the Lead Detail area in Salesforce1 and click the Related tab.

  2. Click the dota (three little dots). At the bottom you can choose from: “Add to Marketo Campaign”, “Send Marketo Email,” “View in Marketo,” “Add/Remove from Watchlist.”

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    Which smart campaigns show up? The ones with “Campaign is Requested” triggers. Learn how to set up a triggered campaign using "Campaign is Requested".

Cool, now your salespeople can actively participate in the marketing effort.

Good smart campaigns to request might sound like:
  1. Long term nurture - when they don’t have a budget this year
  2. Active sales cycle - when the salesperson doesn’t want any messages to the lead except their own (use the marketing suspended flag to temporarily unsubscribe them)
Be creative. What would the salesperson like to automate? Just ask them and wire it up!