Disable Tracking for an Email Link disable-tracking-for-an-email-link

Sometimes you don’t want to enable the Marketo Tracking URL on a link in an email. This is useful when the destination page does not support URL parameters and may result in a broken link.

  1. Select your email and click Edit Draft.

  2. Double-click the editable section that contains the link.

  3. Click the link in question, then click the Insert/Edit Link button.

  4. In the Edit Link pop-up, uncheck the Track Link checkbox.

  5. You’ll notice the Include mkt_tok box disappears. Click Apply.

    note tip
    Unchecking just Include mkt_tok will still allow the link to be tracked, but after redirect, the destination URL will not include the mkt_tok query string parameter. This parameter is used by Marketo Landing Pages and Munchkin to ensure proper tracking of person activities (like when a person unsubscribes from an email). You should avoid using this feature unless you’re seeing weird behavior on your website due to the parameter being present.
  6. Click Save.

    note tip
    Want to disable click-tracking for a link in an email template? Use this format:
    <a class="mktNoTrack" href="https://www.mywebsite.com">This link does not have tracking</a>
    If you need help implementing this, please consult your web developer.

Nice! You have now disabled tracking for a link.