Editing Entries in the Program Schedule View editing-entries-in-the-program-schedule-view

You can make edits to the different elements of your program in the schedule view.

Edit an Entry’s Name edit-an-entrys-name

  1. Select the entry you’d like to edit.

  2. Type in a new name and press Enter/Return on your keyboard to confirm the change.

This only changes the display name in the schedule view. The name of the asset in your program will remain the same.

Edit an Entry’s Description edit-an-entrys-description

  1. Click the description icon.

  2. Edit your description. Click Save.

  3. Great! Your description is now changed.

Edit an Entry’s Date edit-an-entrys-date

  1. Select the new date.

You rock! Now the date of your entry has been moved to a new date.

Smart Campaign and email program entries that have already run cannot be moved to the past.