SEO - Add/Remove Page from List seo-add-remove-page-from-list

You want to manage your pages? You can easily do that by creating a list. You can use lists to organize pages or filter data in dashboards.

Add Page to a List add-page-to-a-list

  1. Go to the Pages section.

  2. Hover over the page you want to add to a list. Click Add/Remove From List.

  3. Click on the list you’d like to add your page to.

    note tip
    You can also make a new list for your page to go. Just type your desired name in Create a new list.
  4. Click on the list you’ve just added your page to.

Yay! You should now see your page added to the list.

Remove Page from a List remove-page-from-a-list

  1. Go to the Pages section.

  2. On the Pages tab, click the list you’d like to clean up.

  3. Hover over the page you’d like to remove. Click Add/Remove From List.

  4. Click the list that you want to remove it from.

    note note
    All lists that the keyword belongs to currently will have a check mark. Once removed from the list, the check disappears.

Done. Your page is removed from the list.