SFDC Sync: Lead/Account Owner Sync sfdc-sync-lead-account-owner-sync

These are technically syncing the “user” table in Salesforce, however we will refer to it as Lead/Account Owner fields.

Which fields will sync to Marketo Engage? which-fields-will-sync-to-marketo-engage

For each person synced to Marketo, we also sync the following owner fields:

  • Sales Owner First Name
  • Sales Owner Last Name
  • Sales Owner Title
  • Sales Owner Phone Number
  • Sales Owner Email Address

For each contact, we sync the above five lead owner fields as well as these account owner fields:

  • Account Owner First Name
  • Account Owner Last Name
  • Account Owner Email Address

Can I change the lead owner in Marketo? can-i-change-the-lead-owner-in-marketo

Absolutely, just use the Change Owner flow action.

You cannot change the owner information using the Using the Person Detail Page.

What can I do with this data? what-can-i-do-with-this-data

There are lots of reasons to use this data such as

  • Send a personalized email with signature from the sales owner
  • Filter on specific sales reps for marketing or even analyzing effectiveness
  • Assignment (and re-assignment) rules in Marketo
  • Use them in the Change Owner, Sync Person to SFDC, and Create Task flow actions

Marketo sure has an awesome Salesforce sync. No one else does it so well!