Configuration for Existing Customers configuration-for-existing-customers

Please set up the following configuration in order to begin using the new Insights Dashboard.

Please make sure you have upgraded your Salesforce package to the latest version

Configure Sales Insight in Marketo configure-sales-insight-in-marketo

  1. Open a new tab in your browser to get the Marketo Sales Insights credentials from your Marketo account.

  2. Go to the Admin area.

  3. Click Sales Insight.

  4. Click View to populate Rest API credentials.

  5. You’ll see a confirmation pop-up. Click OK.

Configure Sales Insight in Salesforce configure-sales-insight-in-salesforce

  1. In Salesforce, click Setup.

  2. Search for and select Remote Site Settings.

  3. Click New Remote Site.

  4. Enter the Remote Site Name (it can be something like “MarketoRestAPI”), and the Remote Site URL (your API URL from Rest API Configuration panel in Marketo).

  5. Click Save.

    You have now created remote site setting for Rest API.

Access Marketo Sales Insight access-marketo-sales-insight

  1. Copy the credentials from the Rest API panel in Marketo’s Sales Insight Admin page. Paste them in the Rest API section in Salesforce’s Sales Insight Configuration page.

  2. Enter the API Secret Key.