Reminder Task Sync with Salesforce reminder-task-sync-with-salesforce

To learn how to enable Task Sync check out Sync Sales Connect Tasks/Reminders to Salesforce Tasks.

Once task sync settings are enabled users will see their reminder tasks bidirectionally synced with Salesforce. This means users can manage tasks from either Salesforce or Sales Connect and feel confident that systems will stay aligned.

Reminder Task Field Sync reminder-task-field-sync

Below is a list of the reminder task fields in Sales Connect and their corresponding Salesforce fields that are supported via the bidirectional task sync.

Sales Connect Task Field
Salesforce Task Field
Salesforce Task
Task Name
Subject Field
A short summary field meant to show the title of the task.
Task Status

Shows the status of the task. Sales Connect tasks have two statuses that map to two of the values in the Salesforce task status picklist.

Open in Sales Connect = Not Started in Salesforce.

Complete in Sales Connect = Completed in Salesforce.

The other status values in Salesforce will not sync to Sales Connect.


Sales Connect priority can be either Normal or High which maps to the Normal and High priority values in Salesforce.

The low priority value in Salesforce will not sync to Sales Connect.

Due Date
Due Date
The date the task is due.
Shows more detailed information around what was meant to be completed with the reminder task.

Syncing Sales Connect Tasks with Salesforce for the First Time syncing-sales-connect-tasks-with-salesforce-for-the-first-time

When you first turn on the sync between Sales Connect and Salesforce tasks, we import your Salesforce tasks. We will not push over any current tasks you have in Sales Connect to Salesforce. To reduce clutter and duplicates, the only tasks that get synced from Sales Connect into Salesforce are tasks created after you sync Sales Connect with SFDC.

Here’s what happens when you sync Sales Connect and SFDC tasks:

  • As soon as you click save on tasks syncing, they begin to sync over. This will take some time initially.

  • Any reminders that have been updated or created in the last 24 hours will be pulled in from SFDC to Sales Connect. The sync is based on due date and all of those tasks will get synced over on the back-end, but in Command Center, you will only see tasks due today and tomorrow.

  • If sync has been turned on previously and you delete any tasks in SFDC, anything that’s been deleted in the last 15 days will be deleted from Command Center.

  • We’ll constantly sync tasks between Sales Connect and SFDC as long as the sync is enabled.

After the initial sync, any tasks you create, edit, complete, or delete in Sales Connect will sync over to your tasks list in Salesforce. And anything created, edited, completed, or deleted in Salesforce will update your tasks list in Sales Connect.

To turn on this sync, just check the sync box in your Settings page in the web application.

The subject field of a task can be updated in Sales Connect and that update will be synced in the Salesforce subject field for the corresponding synced task, if you are using the {{activity_subject}} dynamic field in your Activity Detail Customization settings. Conversely, any updates made to the subject field in Salesforce will not sync over to the Sales Connect reminder task subject field.