Send a Test Email send-a-test-email

Before sending an email, you can test the email format and tokens by sending a test email to yourself at any email address.

  1. Navigate to the Sales Insight panel in Salesforce of a lead or contact.

  2. Click Send Marketo Email.

  3. Click Edit Test Recipients.

  4. You can choose one or more leads from the list to see how it will render to them. Click Apply Changes when done.

    note note
    As a reminder, selecting those leads does not send them the email test, it shows you how the email will look to them. If you choose four leads, you will receive four different test emails.
  5. Click Send Test.

You’ll receive an email with token values populated for the leads you chose.

Don’t worry, you’ll remain on the “Send Marketo Email” page even after sending the test email, so you won’t lose the email you’ve created.