Email Tab email-tab

The email tab shows you a list of all the emails sent to a contact or lead. It includes the following columns:

  • Subject
  • Date
  • Opened
  • Clicked

An email with the Marketo icon next to the subject line indicates that email was sent from Marketo. An email without the Marketo icon indicates that email was sent from Sales Insight.

You can click on the “Check Delivery Status” button to open a new tab which shows the delivery status of emails:

Emails sent from Marketo
Sent, Delivered, Bounced, Soft Bounce
Emails sent from Sales Insight
Sent, Bounced
  • The delivery status for emails sent from Sales Insight from Salesforce CRM is not available.
  • This tab reflects template name for emails sent from Marketo and the subject line for emails sent from Sales Insight. Open in preview mode to see the subject line of sent emails or refer to the email tab in lead/contact/account/opportunity panel.