Export a List with Personalized URLs export-a-list-with-personalized-urls

  1. Select your list or smart list, click on the Leads tab to get the results and then click on the excel icon. INLINE Make sure you have Marketo Unique Code and Marketo Unique Name columns visible.

  2. Check Include Personalized URL, find and select the landing page you want to generate PURLs for.

  3. Select the URL.

    note tip
    If you see multiple URLs for the same landing page, it is likely because you changed the pages URL at some point in the past and created a redirect.
  4. Choose a Style and click Export.

  5. When your export completes click on the Download Now link to save the file.

    And you’re done! You now have a list of leads and personalized URLs.

    note note
    If there are leads with the same first and last name, numbers will be appended automatically to ensure the URLs remain unique.