SEO - Filter Keyword Results seo-filter-keyword-results

You might have a lot of keywords. Here are different ways to filter them:

Filter by list filter-by-list

  1. Go to the Keywords section.

  2. Click the name of the list you are focused on.

    note note
    If you don’t see any lists, learn how to make a keyword list.

Sweet! You will now only be looking at keywords on that list.

Filter by SERP Rank filter-by-serp-rank

  1. Go to the Keywords section.

    The orange squares define your upper (left) and lower (right) limits. The filter works on the keyword’s SERP rank.

  2. Slide the orange squares left/right to filter the results.

You can also find the keywords you are looking for using the search field in the upper right hand corner.

  1. Go to the Keywords section.

  2. Enter your keyword into the Search field.