Reconfigure Dynamics Authentication Method reconfigure-dynamics-authentication-method

Follow the steps below to update your Dynamics Authentication Method.

Set up the application in Microsoft Dynamics and active directory (Azure AD/ADFS) using the desired authentication method from either of the following articles:
  1. In Marketo Engage, click Admin.

  2. Click Microsoft Dynamics, then Disable Sync.

    note note
    You must disable the global sync temporarily in order to update the Authentication Method.
  3. Click the Reconfigure New Auth Method tab.

  4. Select the desired new Authentication Method (in this example we’re choosing Web API).

  5. Enter the credentials required for the new Authentication Method and click Validate.

    note note
    • The specific fields will vary by the chosen authentication method and the form will be automatically updated depending on previous authentication method.
    • If you’ve synced before, the data in the above form may be pre-populated. Please re-enter all credentials to ensure the correct values.
  6. If everything is fine, the Validate Sync will generate all green checkmarks . Review the message and click Switch to update the Authentication Method.

    note note
    If you see a , that step has an issue. See Fix Dynamics Validation Sync Issues to identify and fix the problem(s). Then rerun the sync validation steps until the result looks like the image above.
  7. Click Confirm to proceed.

  8. Click Confirm again.

  9. Click OK.

    note important
    The system takes 15 minutes to accept the new authentication mode. Please wait 15 minutes from the time of the switch before re-enabling the sync.