Step 2 of 4: Set up the Marketo Solution with Resource Owner Password Control Connection step-2-of-4-set-up-the-marketo-solution-ropc

Let’s get started by creating a user account.

Create a new user create-a-new-user

  1. Log in to Dynamics. Click the Settings icon and select Advanced Settings.

  2. Click Settings and select Security.

  3. Click Users.

  4. Click New.

  5. Click Add and License Users in the new window.

  6. A new tab opens. Click Admin at the top of the page.

  7. Another new tab opens. Click Add a user.

    note important
    The Sync User should have read permission to the Marketo Config.
  8. Enter all of your information. When you’re done, click Add.

    note note
    This name must be a dedicated sync user and not an existing CRM user’s account. It does not need to be an actual email address.
  9. Enter the email to receive the new user credentials and click Send email and close.

Assign Sync User Role assign-sync-user-role

Assign the Marketo Sync User role only to the Marketo sync user. You don’t need to assign it to any other users.

This applies to Marketo version and later. For earlier versions, all users must have the sync user role. To upgrade Marketo, see Upgrade Marketo Solution for Microsoft Dynamics.
The language setting of the Sync User should be set to English.
  1. Go back to the Enabled Users tab and refresh the users list.

  2. Hover next to the newly created Marketo Sync user, and a checkbox will appear. Click to select it.

  3. Click Manage Roles.

  4. Check Marketo Sync User and click OK.

    note note
    Any updates made in your CRM by the Sync User will not be synced back to Marketo.

Configure Marketo Solution configure-marketo-solution

Almost there! All we have left is to inform Marketo Solution about the new user created.

  1. Go back to the Advanced Settings section and click the icon next to Settings, and select Marketo Config.

    note note
    If you don’t see Marketo Config in the Settings menu, refresh the page. If that doesn’t work, try to publish the Marketo Solution again or log out and back in.
  2. Click Default.

  3. Click the search button on the Marketo User field and select the sync user you created.

  4. Click the icon in the bottom-right corner to save the changes.

  5. Click the X in the upper-right to close the screen.

  6. Click the icon next to Settings, and select Solutions.

  7. Click the Publish All Customizations button.