Use Your Dedicated IP Addresses to Send Emails use-your-dedicated-ip-addresses-to-send-emails

Sending from one or more dedicated IP gives you complete control over your sending reputation.

A dedicated IP is an add-on product. Not everyone will be eligible to add a dedicated IP to their program. You would need to send more than 100,000 emails per month and have a stable campaign cadence to maintain a dedicated IP. Reach out to the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for more information on how to add a dedicated IP to your Marketo program.
If you send less than 100,000 emails per month, and/or have variable campaign volumes, and/or are a seasonal sender, you will be unable to maintain a dedicated IP. Marketo does maintain a separate Trusted IP shared pool for customers that abide by strict best practices. If interested, please fill out this questionnaire to apply to Marketo’s Trusted IP Program.

All Marketo accounts start on a shared IP, enabling you to start mailing immediately. If you add a dedicated IP, you’ll work with deliverability consultants to schedule the IP’s provisioning.

A dedicated deliverability consultant provides:

  • Coaching and consulting on IP warm up
  • DNS entries required to brand the new dedicated IP
  • Setup and activation of the dedicated IP
  • A check-in during warm-up phase to support your success

Dedicated IP Ramp Up dedicated-ip-ramp-up

To maximize long-term deliverability, the Deliverability Consultants offer customized recommendations to slowly ramp up the email campaign volume on your dedicated IP. We call this “warming up your IP.” It starts cold, and sending mail warms it up. Cold IPs sending out a high volume of email often see their sending speeds throttled and are usually categorized as spam.

Important: Generally maintain a consistent number of emails per month. This helps establish a pattern for reputation and deliverability. Dramatic increases or decreases in email volume, even on a “warm” IP, can cause email to be viewed suspiciously by email providers.

Keep your database clean to keep your deliverability high. Adobe requires that customers only send marketing communications to people who have opted in/requested to receive email. Don’t spam.
If you see a high number of bounces, or any other problems, contact Marketo Support. If you’d like more focused support to learn about how to maintain a clean database and increase engagement with your program, Marketo’s Email Deliverability Consultants can be engaged for a Custom Services package.