Find all Leads in a Revenue Cycle Model find-all-leads-in-a-revenue-cycle-model

By using smart lists, you can easily find all members of revenue cycle model.

Create a Smart List
  1. With the smart listed selected, click on the Smart List tab.

  2. Find the Member of Revenue Model filter and drag it into the canvas.

  3. Select a Model.

    This would get you all the leads in that model, regardless of stage. Usually you will want a specific stage. Use the following filter instead.

  4. Find the Revenue Stage filter and drag it into the canvas.

  5. Select a Stage.

  6. Go to the Leads tab to view the results.

    note tip
    You don’t need both filters, just choose the one you need. We are just showing you both to be thorough.
    note caution
    If the stage of a lead is changed by an external campaign during the initial creation of the lead, then an activity is not logged in the database. This means that the lead won’t be included by the smart list filter.