Two-Party Consent Settings two-party-consent-settings

In order to ensure compliance with U.S. two-party consent laws when recording calls, as an Admin you can enable a prerecorded message of your choice to play at the beginning of your calls when it’s being recorded.

Before following the steps below, you must first enable call recording.
  1. Click the Settings icon and select Settings.

  2. Under Admin Settings, click General.

  3. In the Call Recording card, click Manage recording notice.

  4. Click Import Recording.

    note note
    Only Wav and MP3 files are supported. You cannot upload a file longer than 30 seconds.
  5. Select the desired audio file(s) from your hard drive.

  6. Once the upload is complete, select the dota (three dots) in the file manager and click Select as Consent Notice. Click OK when done.

  7. Click the toggle to enable the selected message be played at the beginning of your recorded calls.