Using the Success Path Analyzer using-the-success-path-analyzer

Use a Success Path Analyzer to explore the specific details that reflect both flow (amount) and velocity (speed, in terms of days) of people through the stages of your Revenue Cycle Model.

  1. Go to Analytics and select your Success Path Analyzer.

    The chart on the right reflects the data in the selected button on the left. By default, this is Balance.

  2. Click In Flow to graph how many people entered the stage during the selected time frame.

    • Click Out Flow to graph how many people exited the stage.
    • Click Conv % to graph the conversion rate from this to the next stage.
    • Click Avg Time to see how long people spent in this stage before moving to the next stage.
  3. Click Chart Actions > Compare Period to compare the data to a different time frame of equal length.

  4. Select the From date for the compare period.

    The To date is automatically set to match the length of your original time period.

  5. Click Compare.

  6. The chart updates with overlapping data for the compare period, in green.

  7. To change the time scale of the chart, click one of the Graph by buttons: daily (default), weekly, and monthly

  8. For stages with SLAs (Service-Level Agreements), click Chart Actions > Show SLA Due to show every person that ever missed an SLA target within the specified time frame.

  9. The chart updates to reflect how many SLAs were due on each node, in orange.

    The people shown in orange might or might not still be in the SLA stage.

  10. Click Chart Actions > Show SLA Past Due to show all people with expired SLA targets who are still in the SLA stage at the end of the specified time period.

  11. The chart updates to reflect how many SLAs were overdue on each node, in orange.

  12. To read the specific details of a data point on a specific node (date), hover over the bubble.

  13. To print the chart, click Chart Actions > Print Chart.

The analyzer is here to help you understand movement through your model. As you get more advanced, this will become really important to strategize your marketing efforts.