Create a Success Path Analyzer create-a-success-path-analyzer

Get a visual representation of velocity and flow through your Revenue Cycle Model.

  1. Click the Analytics tile.

  2. Click the Success Path Analyzer icon.

    note note
    If you receive a warning that no data was found in the specified time frame, just click Close to change your time frame. If you aren’t prompted, but you want to change your time frame, go to Setup and double-click Time Frame.
  3. If you had no data, or you’re changing your time frame, select one from the drop-down and click Save.

    note tip
    To select a specific range, select Custom and use the From and To fields.
  4. If you have more than one Revenue Cycle Model, select the one you want from the Setup tab.

  5. Pick the appropriate model and click Apply.

  6. Click the Success Path Analyzer tab.

Now you can explore movement from each stage to the next!

Wanna save your report? Click the Analyzer Actions drop-down and select Save As.