Understanding Tentative/Confirmed Dates understanding-tentative-confirmed-dates

Smart campaigns and email programs have a powerful capability to be marked as Tentative or Confirmed. Here’s how they work.

Tentative tentative

Tentative dates convey intent. Think of this as penciling something in the calendar. Tentative entries will not run - they are placeholders only.

Only batch smart campaigns and email programs can be tentative.

Confirming Entries confirming-entries

This is just like approving an asset, so entries need to been fully set up before you can confirm them. Once all your ducks are in a row, you can confirm entries by sliding the tentative tab to the right.

Why the dog? He’s a Retriever. He’s fetching your data.

Confirmed confirmed

Confirmed entries will definitely run. They have rules, approved assets, and a confirmed date and time.

Finished finished

Finished entries have already run. They can only be in the past (obviously). Once an entry has run and is Finished, you cannot move it or make it tentative. (No changing reality and disrupting the time-stream continuum.)

These states are powerful tools. When you clone a program, all of the smart campaign and email program dates will be tentative. They can all be confirmed right from the schedule view. Cool, right?