Send and Track an Email with the Email Add-In for Outlook send-and-track-an-email-with-the-email-add-in-for-outlook

You can send and track emails with Marketo directly from Outlook.

If you haven’t yet, install the Marketo email add-in for Outlook.
Sales Insight Actions capabilities, including Send Sales Email, Add to Sales Campaign, and Tasks, are not available in the Sales Insight email plugins for Gmail and Outlook. At this time, users only have the ability to send a trackable email with or without a Marketo email template from their email client when using the Sales Insight email plugins.
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and create a new email.

    note caution
    If you include multiple recipients in the email, all activity will be tracked under the first recipient.
  2. Compose your email as you normally would, then click Send and Track.

    note note
    If you send an email to someone who doesn’t exist in your Marketo instance, a Person Record will automatically be created for them. Their last name will always be ‘mktUnknown’ so that you can easily find them.
    note tip
    If you want to use a Marketo template, see Send and Track from Outlook Using a Template.
  3. Take a look at the preview and click Send.

    note caution
    Anti-spam technology often rejects opens and clicks that happen within 20 seconds of sending the email, so please wait at least that long to open/click while testing.

    In order to see who has received your emails sent through Outlook, create a smart list using the “Was Sent Sales Email” filter.

It’s that easy! Even though this email was sent by a salesperson’s Outlook, it will be tracked in Marketo.