Send and Track from Outlook Using a Marketo Template send-and-track-from-outlook-using-a-marketo-template

If your marketing team has made templates available to you, here’s how you can use them to save time when composing your emails.

Sales Insight Actions capabilities, including Send Sales Email, Add to Sales Campaign, and Tasks, are not available in the Sales Insight email plugins for Gmail and Outlook. At this time, users only have the ability to send a trackable email with or without a Marketo email template from their email client when using the Sales Insight email plugins.
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click Marketo Message.

  2. Select the template you want, preview it, and click OK.

  3. Make all your edits, then click Send and Track.

    note note
    Tokens are not supported with the add-in. Remove any that might be in the template.
  4. Check out the preview, make sure it looks good, then click Send.

    And there you go! You were able to save a bunch of time by using templates that your super awesome marketing team made for you.