Step 2 of 3: Create a Salesforce User for Marketo (Professional) step-of-create-a-salesforce-user-for-marketo-professional

These steps must be completed by a Salesforce administrator.

In this article, you will customize field permissions with a Salesforce Page Layout and create a Marketo-Salesforce sync user.

Set Page Layouts set-page-layouts

Salesforce Professional sets field level accessibility with Page Layouts, as opposed to Salesforce Enterprise/Unlimited’s Profiles. Following these steps will allow the Marketo sync user to update the custom fields.

  1. Type “page layouts” in the Nav search bar without pressing Enter, and click Page Layout under Leads.

  2. Click Edit next to Lead Layout.

  3. Click and drag a new Section into the page layout.

  4. Enter “Marketo” for Section Name and click OK.

  5. Click and drag the field Acquisition Date into the Marketo section.

  6. Repeat the above step for the following fields:

    • Acquisition Program
    • Acquisition Program Id
    • Email Opt Out
    • Inferred City
    • Inferred Company
    • Inferred Country
    • Inferred Metropolitan Area
    • Inferred Phone Area Code
    • Inferred Postal Code
    • Inferred State Region
    • Lead Score
    • Original Referrer
    • Original Search Engine
    • Original Search Phrase
    • Original Source Info
    • Original Source Type
    note note
    These fields need to be on the page layout so that Marketo can read/write to them.
    note tip
    Create two columns for the fields by dragging down to the right side of the page. You can move fields from one side to the other to balance the column lengths.
  7. Click Save when finished adding fields.

  8. Repeat all of the above steps for the Salesforce Contact Page Layout.

  9. Remember to click Save when you are done with the Contact Page Layout.

    note note
    Make sure that the All-Day Event field has been added to the Event Page Layout.

Create Sync User create-sync-user

Marketo requires credentials to access Salesforce. This is best done with a dedicated user created with the steps below.

If your organization has no additional Salesforce licenses, you can use an existing Marketing user with the System Administrator profile.
  1. Enter “users” in the Nav search bar, and click Users under Manage Users.

  2. Click New User.

  3. Fill in the required fields, select the User License: Salesforce, set the Profile: System Administrator, check Marketing User and click Save.

    note tip
    Make sure the email address you enter is valid. You will need to log in as the sync user to reset the password.

Excellent! Now you have an account that Marketo can use to connect to Salesforce. Let’s do it.