Sending Emails via Group Email sending-emails-via-group-email

Here’s how to send/edit emails using the Group Email option.

Sending a Group Email sending-a-group-email

  1. Click the People tab.

  2. Select the group you’d like to email.

  3. Click the Group Actions button and select Email Group.

  4. Fill out your email (or select a template) and send (or schedule) it.

Editing a Group Email editing-a-group-email

  1. Create a group email using Steps 1-3 above.

  2. Choose a template, or fill out your email.

  3. With the email done, you can now preview each email in the list to see if the dynamic fields are populating correctly.

  4. Select the desired recipient.

  5. Click Preview Dynamic Fields, and view the preview on the right.

    note note
    You can make bulk edits to the email/template when sending a group email out, but you cannot make unique edits for specific recipients in the list.