Transactional Sales Email Templates transactional-sales-email-templates

If your team is sending out transactional or non-commercial emails, you can mark an email template as non-commercial so it can bypass unsubscribes.

Things to Note things-to-note

Configure an Email Template for Non-commercial Use configure-an-email-template-for-non-commercial-use

  1. In the header, click Templates.

  2. Find and select the template you want to update.

  3. Enable the non-commercial email toggle under Template Settings.

Send a Non-commercial Email send-a-non-commercial-email

When an unsubscribed person is selected, they’ll be highlighted orange.
  1. In the header, click Compose. Find and select the desired non-commercial template.

  2. Users will see a banner showing them they have selected a non-commercial email template.

  3. Click Send.

The email will still be sent even if the person is unsubscribed.