Add Google Customer Match as a LaunchPoint Service add-google-customer-match-as-a-launchpoint-service

With this integration, you can send a Marketo Engage audience to Google to be targeted using Google AdWords, as well as re-target audiences across YouTube, Search, and Gmail.

Admin Permissions Required
  1. Go to Admin.

  2. Click LaunchPoint.

  3. Select New then New Service.

  4. Enter a Display Name and select Google Customer Match from the Service drop-down. Click Create.

  5. To connect a Google AdWords account, click Authorize.

  6. Google opens in a new tab. From here, log in to your Google AdWords account.

    note caution
    In order for Marketo to send audiences across multiple AdWords Accounts, the Google user you authorize in the following steps needs to have access to all of these accounts.

  7. Review the requested permissions, then click Allow.

  8. Your Google AdWords account is now connected to Marketo. Click Create.

    Awesome! You’ll now see Google Matched Audiences listed as a LaunchPoint service in the Installed Services tab.

The Google Customer Match integration can only accommodate one manager account and all sub accounts within that manager account. Multiple manager accounts is not supported.