Use Emails in Social Promotions use-emails-in-social-promotions

When you create a referral offer or a sweepstakes, you can include emails to send when the person signs up, and again when the person has won the reward.

To create an email, see Send an Email Blast.

In the emails, use these tokens:

  • Sign-up email: Use {{social.Share Url}} to send each participating person a personalized share link.

  • Fulfillment email: Use {{social.Promo Code}} to send each winner a promo code.

Before you can add an email to a social app, it must be operational and approved. See Edit Settings for an Email.
  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the app, and click Edit Draft.

  3. In the social app editor, go to App Settings > Offer Details (or Sweepstakes Details).

  4. Add the sign-up email.

    note note
    The confirmation email is sent automatically when a person signs up.
  5. Add the fulfillment email.

  6. In a referral offer, choose whether the fulfillment email is sent automatically or manually.

In a sweepstakes, the fulfillment email is always sent automatically when you select the winner.
  • auto on goal: The fulfillment email is sent automatically as each participant meets the goal.
  • manually send: Once people start meeting the goal, return to your referral offer to manually send the fulfillment email.