Customize a Presentation customize-a-presentation

Set up your calendar presentation to reflect the goals and activities that matter most to your team.

Not all Marketo Engage users have purchased this functionality. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.

Choosing the Views choosing-the-views

Presentations cycle through different filter definitions you choose. Pull in as many views as you like and customize the frequency.

  1. From the right tree, drag in the different views you want rotated through in your presentation.

Add a Goal add-a-goal

Presentations are the most awesome when they display your team goals. Just drag over different custom goals or smart list goals. You can use up to 10.

  1. From the right tree, drag in different goals you want displayed in your presentation.

Set the Frequency of Rotation set-the-frequency-of-rotation

Once you’ve pulled in the views you want in the presentation, set the frequency at which it rotates between the different views.

  1. Click 5 minutes (this is the default cadence).

  2. Enter a time using minutes. Click Save.

    note note
    Display one static view by checking Disable Rotation.

Set the Calendar Display set-the-calendar-display

The calendar display can be changed to a 3-week or monthly view.

  1. Select the Calendar Display drop-down and choose between 3 weeks or one Month.

    Awesome! Ready to see your presentation?

Set a background image for your presentation. We suggest kittens or rainbows.

Preview a Presentation preview-a-presentation

Once the presentation has been configured, it’s ready to be previewed and launched.

  1. Select Preview.

    Ta-da! This is what your presentation might look like.

    Don’t like what you see? Go back and use different filter definitions to create the view you like.