Release Notes: Oct '20 release-notes-oct

The following features are included in the October '20 release. Check your Marketo edition for feature availability.

Features denoted by a star ( ) are paid add-ons. Please contact your Marketo Engage representative to learn more.

Quarterly Releases The following features will be released on October 16, 2020.

Target Account Management target-account-management


  • Account Smart List (Beta): Supercharge your ABM strategy with the new Account Smart List capability. Dynamically identify accounts with desired account and person attributes to run cross-channel campaigns and send timely alerts to Sales to close deals faster. Note: this is available only to Target Account Management customers who have been onboarded to the next-generation user experience.

Email Marketing email-marketing

  • (star) : Send more emails with an increased throughput of up to 5 million batch emails per hour. Expansive email deliverability options eliminates the need to wait between email batches - send all emails on time and on your schedule.

Website Marketing website-marketing

  • Embed Form Code Automation: Acquire more leads with Marketo Engage forms embedded in your secured landing pages hosted outside of Marketo. The form embed code automatically updates to include the landing page domain name and eliminates manual work for web developers. Custom domain in the code link improves website navigation experiences and forms utilization.

Experience Cloud Integration experience-cloud-integration

  • Continuous Audience Sync from Adobe Experience Cloud to Marketo Engage: Target leads with Marketo Engage based on first-party intent data from Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, or Adobe Real-Time CDP. Automatically update Marketo Engage static lists via continuous sync, add leads to engagement or email programs, and alert Sales when leads are ready.

CRM Integration crm-integration

  • Salesforce CRM Sync: Identify and fix sync errors and failures with two new Salesforce Sync and Errors Dashboards. Monitor new record updates, deletions, fails, and completion of the syncing process. Reports can be filtered by date, operation type, or object type.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration: Automate enrollment of leads and contacts into Microsoft Dynamics 365 campaigns. Easily add or remove Marketo Engage Leads and Contacts to MS Dynamics Campaigns with new smart campaign flow actions. Seamlessly pass leads from Marketing to Sales and close deals faster.

  • Facebook Lead Ads Integrations: Facebook form tracking parameters can now be captured through the LaunchPoint service for Facebook lead ads. These hidden fields can now be mapped to Marketo fields, allowing marketers to store and act on valuable campaign tracking data.

Administration administration

  • Export Roles and Permissions: Export roles and permissions into spreadsheets for easy sharing across teams in your organization. Perform roles and permissions audits easier and faster.

  • Enhanced Audit Trail: With new audit trail entries, get more granular visibility into changes made to emails and landing pages by your marketing team. Capture changes made to each module in the body of an email and track edits to rich text elements, status changes, additions, and removal of forms and images.

  • Field Management: Find API field names easily with the new metadata entry feature on the field record – no need to export all fields into spreadsheets to find out the field name. Build integrations with apps from LaunchPoint, connect databases, or use our open APIs in any way that fits your organization.

  • New Metadata Export Options: Export custom object metadata for selected custom objects into a spreadsheet for easy sharing. In addition, any or all subscription objects’ metadata can be exported, such as lead, company, standard and custom activities, tags, and channels. Data can be extracted by admins and quickly shared with engineering teams for analysis and design purposes.

  • Opportunity Custom Field: Gain more insight into opportunity records with opportunity custom fields display in Marketo Engage. View opportunity custom fields data from Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Sales native integrations, or via other API integrations. Having full visibility into opportunity details and pipeline enables you to orchestrate engagement in coordination with Sales, increase conversions, and help close deals faster.

Releasing Throughout the Quarter releasing-throughout-the-quarter

The following features are on a non-quarterly cycle and will be released throughout the coming months.

Sales Insight sales-insight


  • API Optimization and New Governance Configuration Options: Improve the Sales Insight user experience through enhanced API optimization and added governance features. Configuration settings enable admins to define how campaigns and events are loaded to the Sales Insight dashboard. Flexible calendar activities display options reduce API usage and improve the overall experience.

Announcements & Deprecations announcements-deprecations

  • New Marketo Engage Look: New versions of line, bar, column, and pie charts provide updated visualizations throughout Marketo Engage, including Marketing Activities and all reporting features as well as data visualization that appears in the Marketing Activities. This update is in response to Adobe Flash reaching its end-of-life on December 31st, 2020.

  • Updates to User Roles and Permissions: The Advanced List Import permission will be deprecated in the upcoming release to simplify roles and permissions management. The existing List Import permissions in Marketing Activities and Lead Database enable necessary list import options in their respective app areas.

  • Field Management: A restriction to synchronous changes to custom field type in Marketo Engage is introduced to increase our infrastructure security. When making changes to multiple field types, the first field changes must be completed before moving to the next field. This new process ensures a more stable environment and minimizes change type operation failure risks.

  • Increased Asset API URI Size Limit: The uniform resource identifier (URI) size limit is being increased from 8KB to 65KB in advance of the removal of “_method” parameter. The size limit increase allows customers who use long query strings to pass data more easily. The removal of the “_method” parameter is a part of an upcoming security upgrade.

Product Release Webinar product-release-webinar

Watch the recording of our product release webinar here.