Create Custom Tags create-custom-tags

Tags will help you organize your programs while channels will assist in gathering data for reporting purposes.

Check out Understanding Tags for more information.
Admin Permissions Required

Create a New Tag Type create-a-new-tag-type

To create a new tag type:

  1. Go to the Admin section.

  2. Click Tags.

  3. Click New and select New Tag Type.

  4. Enter a name for the Tag Type.

  5. Enter the desired Value for the Tag Type. Click Add Another to enter additional values.

  6. Select which Program type(s) this tag applies to.

  7. Decide whether or not to make this tag required for all the program types listed.

    note note
    • Select “Required” if you want this tag added any time a new program is created.
    • Removing a program type from the ‘Applies to’ list will delete the tag and its values from all existing programs of that type. If you want to preserve existing tag values and make this tag optional moving forward for all program types listed, leave the “Required” checkbox unselected.
    note tip
    If you want to make a similar tag required for some program types but optional for others, you’ll need to set up two separate tags, each applying to different program types with one with “Required” selected, and the other with “Required” not selected.
  8. Click Create.