SEO - Add/Remove an Inbound Link URL From a List seo-add-remove-an-inbound-link-url-from-a-list

You can organize your inbound link URLs to your heart’s content.

  1. Go to the Inbound Links section.

  2. Hover over the inbound link URL you want to categorize. Click Add/Remove From List.

  3. Click on the list you’d like your inbound link URL to go.

You can also make a new list for your keyword to go. Just type your desired name in Create a new list.

Sometimes you’ll want to remove an inbound link URL’s from a list.

  1. Click Inbound Links.

  2. Click the Filter by list drop-down. Click the list you want to clean up.

  3. Hover over the inbound link URL you’d like to remove. Click Add/Remove From List.

  4. The list you’d like to organize will be checked. Click the list name to remove the inbound link URL from this list.

You did it! Refresh the page to update the display.