Release Notes: June '19 release-notes-june

The following features are included in the June '19 release. Check your Marketo edition for feature availability.

Quarterly Releases

The following features were released on June 14, 2019.

Marketo Core Services marketo-core-services

  • Bulk Extract File Checksum: Verify that a complete file was retrieved by comparing your file hash to the checksum string of your completed extract jobs.
  • Automated Migration from Email 1.0 to Email 2.0: Email 2.0 is fully compatible with Email 1.0 emails and templates. Enjoy new capabilities, such as the ability to group content elements (images, text, etc.) into modules, define variables like String, Color, Image, etc. within templates, and leverage fully responsive starter templates. Also includes a visual Email Template Picker.
As of June 18, 2019, Email 1.0 is no longer available. You can learn more about Email 2.0 and the deprecation of Email 1.0 here.

Account-Based Marketing account-based-marketing

  • LinkedIn Account Matching (BETA) : A new ABM capability is now available in beta, offering you the ability to send lists of known and whitespace accounts directly from Marketo into LinkedIn. This functionality is automatically included for all Marketo ABM customers.

Releasing Throughout the Quarter

The following features are expected to release throughout the second calendar quarter and into the beginning of the third quarter of 2019.

Marketo Sky marketo-sky

  • Event Caps and Event Goals are generally available in Marketo Sky under the Premium Events add-on.

    • Event Caps: Optimize the customer experience for your events and webinars with registration caps, page redirects, and waitlisting functionality.
    • Event Goals: Set event registration and attendance goals and track progress in real time.
  • Full Navigation Links: We’ve enabled navigation to all permissioned applications, such as Hootsuite, Calendar, and more.

  • Email, Landing Page, Snippet, Form, Image, and File List Views: View, search, and take mass actions on any of your assets in Design Studio.

  • Image, File, and Snippet Details Page: Get quick details about your assets with metadata like created at/by and actions like delete and approve.

  • Community Blog Posts Widget: Access recent posts from the Community within My Marketo.

  • Expiring Soon Widget: Add the “Expiring Soon” widget to your My Marketo dashboard to see which campaigns and landing pages are set to expire next.

  • More Smart List Cards: Segment and target appropriately with additional smart list cards, including “Create Task” flow step, CRM smart list rules, and more.

  • Email Champion/Challenger Details Page: See data like winning criteria, created at, etc. from your email champion/challenger tests.

Marketo Sales Connect marketo-sales-connect

  • Bulk Actions in Salesforce Customization: Maximize productivity by sending emails and adding contacts to campaigns in bulk with Salesforce Customization.

  • Settings - Salesforce Page for Admin and Non-Admin: Manage your Sales Connect instance with a clear view of the Salesforce instance connected to Sales Connect as well as My Email to Salesforce updates. Enhanced sync settings for Admins, Non-Admins, and Team Wide Sync are releasing in the coming months.

  • Settings - Integration Page: A one-stop shop for all of your integrations, so you can get the most out of our open ecosystem.

  • Settings - Profile Page: View and update your account details, change your password, and check the status of your instance’s implementation on this new profile page.

  • System Email Templates: Updated design, responsiveness, and internationalization capabilities.

Bizible by Marketo bizible-by-marketo

  • Multi-Currency Support for Dynamics: Bizible now adapts to Microsoft Dynamics currency tables, so you can easily switch between corporate and local currencies. (Note: Support for SFDC was released in Q1 2019.)
  • Drift Integration: Understand how Drift conversations impact your customer’s journey. Bizible will also pull email addresses from conversations to either create a new lead or connect the touchpoint to an existing lead.
  • Localization: Bizible is now available in all Marketo-supported languages (English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese).

Product Release Webinar Watch the recording of our June '19 Release Innovations webinar here.