Using Advanced Smart List Rule Logic using-advanced-smart-list-rule-logic

You can find the exact people you need by applying Smart List rule logic to multiple filters within a Smart List. Here’s how.

Advanced filter logic is only available if there are three or more filters in your Smart List.

Add Logic to a Smart List add-logic-to-a-smart-list

By default, your Smart List will find the people that match ALL filters (filters 1 and 2 and 3). You can change the rule logic to find people that match ANY of the defined filters (filters 1 or 2 or 3), or use advanced filters (filters 1 and 2 or 3).

In this example, let’s say you want to find people in California and with a score of at least 50 points or with a status of “Sales Qualified.”

  1. Select Use Advanced filters from the drop-down.

    note note
    Using Advanced filters reduces the need to create Smart Lists with the Member of Smart List filter. This helps optimize performance.
  2. The Advanced filters text box will display “and” as the default value between all your filters.

  3. Type a pair of parentheses around “2 and 3.”

    note caution
    You must use “and” before “or” when entering rule logic.
  4. Change the “and” between “2 and 3” to “or.”

Use Parentheses When Mixing “And” and "Or use-parentheses-when-mixing-and-and-or

Mixing “and” and “or” logic requires parentheses to make your intention clear.

Use Nested Parentheses for Four or More Filters if Needed use-nested-parentheses-for-four-or-more-filters-if-needed

Depending on your intention, you may need to add nested parentheses when using four or more filters.

If you enter an invalid rule, you’ll see a red line displayed under the rule. Scroll over the text to see the related error message.