Adding Fields to a Revenue Explorer Report adding-fields-to-a-revenue-explorer-report

Customize revenue explorer reports by dragging and dropping dimension and metric fields into the canvas.

Field Type
Yellow Field or Dimension

Yellow fields are the dimensions (rows and columns) of your report.

For example, you can set up a report which shows your lead status or creation date in columns.

Blue Field or Measure

Blue fields are metrics that are analyzed in your data.

For example, this could be the average lead score for your leads, or the number of days a lead had an opportunity.

  1. Find the yellow field(s) you want to use and drag it into Rows.

    note tip
    Hover over a field for a full description.
  2. Find the blue field(s) you want to use and drag it into Measures.

    Awesome! Now you’ve got a full-fledged report!