The Engagement Dashboard the-engagement-dashboard

The Engagement Dashboard is the easiest way to see how the content in your engagement program is performing.

The engagement score includes data from your last three casts. A new one is calculated 72 hours after each cast. Learn more about the engagement score.

View the Engagement Dashboard view-the-engagement-dashboard

Select your engagement program and click View > Dashboard.

Check out the engagement stream performance report for more detailed statistics.

Understand the Exhaustion Widget understand-the-exhaustion-widget

This widget helps you anticipate when leads will have exhausted all content. The exhaustion score is calculated immediately after each cast. The example below shows that in 1 cast, 195 leads will have exhausted all content.

You must go into the Setup tab and make sure Exhausted Content Notifications are On to see the graph above. If they are off, the graph will look different.
People who are “exhausted” will not receive any communication in the next cast.

Understand the Engagement Over Time Widget understand-the-engagement-over-time-widget

Shows the average engagement score over time and the impact of content edits.

This feature is available as an add-on for customers who utilize Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Explorer. Please contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for additional details.

To show a single piece of content instead of an average, click the gear icon, then select the piece of content.

Understand the Highest Engagement Widget understand-the-highest-engagement-widget

A list of all content, ordered by the highest engagement score.

To change the sorting, click the gear icon, then select the sort order.

Newest and Oldest are based on time of last approval.

Learn more in the Create an Engagement Program deep dive.