Alert the Sales Rep alert-the-sales-rep

Mission: Alert the sales rep when a person fills out a form on your web site mission-alert-the-sales-rep-when-a-person-fills-out-a-form-on-your-web-site

To automatically send alert emails to sales reps, all you need is an alert email and an email campaign. Here’s how to do it.

Landing Page with a Form

Step 1: Create an Alert Email step-create-an-alert-email

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Select My Program which you created in the Landing Page with a Form quick win, then under New click New Local Asset.

  3. Click Email.

  4. Name the email “My Email Alert”, select a template and click Create.

  5. Enter the From Name, From Email, Reply-to, and Subject that you want your sales team to see.

  6. Double-click to edit the email text.

  7. Type the email content.

  8. Place your cursor where you want to insert the person’s contact info and click the Insert Token icon.

  9. Find and select the {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} Token and click Insert.

    note note
    {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} is a special token for alert emails. See Use the Send Alert Info Token to learn more.
  10. Click Save.

  11. Click the Email Actions drop-down and select Approve and Close.

Step 2: Create an Alert Trigger Campaign step-create-an-alert-trigger-campaign

  1. Select My Program created previously, then under New click New Smart Campaign.

  2. Name the campaign “My Alert Campaign” and click Create.

  3. Under the Smart List tab, find and drag the Fills Out Form trigger to the canvas.

  4. Select the form we created earlier.

  5. Under the Flow tab, find and drag the Send Alert flow action to the canvas.

  6. Select My Alert Email created earlier and leave Send To as Sales Owner.

  7. Type your email address in the To Other Emails field.

  8. Go to the Schedule tab and click the Activate button.

    note tip
    Set the Qualification Rules to every time (by editing the Smart Campaign) to allow the same person to trigger alerts multiple times.
  9. Click Activate on the confirmation screen.

Step 3: Test It Out! step-test-it-out

  1. Select your landing page and click View Approved Page.

    note note
    Don’t forget to approve landing pages; they don’t go live until approved.
  2. Fill out the form and click Submit.

  3. You should receive your email shortly. Once you’ve verified that everything works as it should, remove your email address from the Send Alert flow (see step 2.7 above).

    note note
    Click the Person Info tab in Marketo to see the contact info.

Mission Complete! mission-complete

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