Where to Start where-to-start

Are you starting a new job or taking over an existing instance from another admin and not sure where to start? While taking over a live instance that’s been running for some time can seem a little intimidating, we’ve put together some resources for you to help you get up to speed in no time.

Get Set up in the Marketing Nation get-set-up-in-the-marketing-nation

Make sure you’re properly set up in the Marketing Nation Community.

Merge Your Marketing Nation Profile merge-your-marketing-nation-profile

If you already have a Marketing Nation profile with a previous company, follow these steps to bring that history over to your new profile.

  1. Create a username/Community profile with your email address that has access to your current Marketo Engage subscription.

  2. After you create your profile with your new company info, submit a request to ccare@marketo.com to have the data from your old community profile merged with your new one.

  3. In your request, please specify the following details:

  • Your old corporate email associated with your old Community profile
  • Your new corporate email associated with the current Marketo Engage subscription
  • Your new username/Community profile URL

Our Community team will merge your Community profiles in 4-6 business days. Once it’s completed, you’ll see your engagement history in your new Community Profile upon log in. If you don’t, please log out of your account and log back in again to confirm.

Jumpstart Your Inherited Marketo Engage Instance jumpstart-your-inherited-marketo-engage-instance

Adobe, with input from Marketo Champions, has put together several Marketo Engage Inherited Instance Audit checklists to help you hit the ground running. Learn how to navigate the different areas of Marketo Engage and perform the various tasks required to perform an audit, with links to recommended help documentation included.

You can also download the checklists in spreadsheet form.

Ways to Get Help ways-to-get-help

Need more help? Connect with us or fellow Marketo Engage users via the links below.