Inherited Instance: Database Checklist inherited-instance-database-checklist

Understand the total number of people, marketable people, and top person-acquiring sources in your subscription. Remember to download the checklists and track your progress.

System Smart Lists system-smart-lists

Review Focus
All People
  • How many people exist in the database?

  • If your database is close to full, does your company policy recommend that you expand your database size or clean out historical data?

  • Is your overall database at least 85% marketable?
         If yours falls under this threshold, look at the other system smart lists (Blocklist, Marketing Suspended, Duplicates, Unsubscribe) with greater scrutiny.

Unsubscribed People
  • What are your criteria for unsubscribed people? Are there too many unsubscribed people?

  • Do your unsubscribe methods align with your data privacy requirements?

  • Is your unsubscribe preference up to date? How long have records remained in your database as unmarketable?

Marketing Suspended
  • What are your criteria for Marketing Suspended? Are there too many people who are Marketing Suspended?

  • How long have records remained in the Marketing Suspended status?

Marketing Suspended use case example: people records who are actively involved with sales in late-stage opportunities that you want to suppress marketing communications for.

Bounced Email Addresses
  • Do you have a lot of people who bounced in your Database?
         If so, consider investigating why.
Possible Duplicates
No Acquisition Program
  • How many people don't have an acquisition program?
         If there are a lot, consider investigating why.

Smart Lists smart-lists

Review Focus
Smart Lists
  • How many Smart Lists are there? How are they used in this instance?

note icon NOTE: In the Database section, Group Smart Lists are user-generated and System Smart Lists are default lists created by Marketo Engage.

  • Are the lists organized in a cohesive folder structure?
         If you have orphan lists, consider organizing your tree so assets are easy to find.

tip icon TIP: Archiving Smart Lists that are no longer needed will help with organization and performance.

Static Lists static-lists

Review Focus
Static Lists
  • How many Static Lists are there? How are they used in this instance?

note icon NOTE: In the Database section, Group Lists are Static Lists.

Segmentations segmentations

Review Focus
  • Which segmentations are there? How are they being used?

  • Are too many people in default segments?

  • Is there a segmentation for the marketable audience?
         If not, consider creating one.

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