People Page Columns people-page-columns

You have the option of customizing what contact information you see by choosing which columns are displayed.

How to Select Columns how-to-select-columns

  1. In the People page, click the List Settings icon.

  2. Scroll through and select your desired columns (you can also click Select All if you want every column). Click out of the list when done.

Column Descriptions column-descriptions

First Name (default)
First Name
Last Name (default)
Last Name
Email (default)
Email Address
Phone number
Title (default)
Job title
Company (default)
Company name
Campaign (default)
Sales campaign the person is currently on
# Campaigns
Total number of sales campaigns the person has been a part of
# Calls
Total number of calls that has been made to this person
# Emails
Total number of emails sent to this person
Task Due Date
Due date of task
# Events (default)
Total number of engagement events by the person (Views, clicks, and replies)
# Activities (default)
Total number of activities taken by the user for this lead (emails, calls, and tasks)
Legitimate Interest, Performance of a Contract, Compliance with Legal Obligation, Protection of Vital Interests, Public Interest/Official Authority, and Other
Open Tasks
Number of open tasks for this person
# Views
Total number of views by this person
# Clicks
Total number of clicks by this person
# Replies
Total number of replies by this person
Last Updated
Date the person record was last updated at
Name of user that created the person
Source of where the person was created from
Groups (default)
Groups that the person is a part of
Sales unsubscribe status